Our team

Diego M. Alzate-Sanchez, Principal Investigator

I am an enthusiastic scientist, highly interested in finding alternatives to manufacture materials in a more sustainable fashion.

I was born and raised in Bogotá/Colombia. I completed my undergraduate studies at the National University of Colombia. After graduation, I worked with Professor Cesar Sierra as a Master student in the same institution. Then, I moved to Manizales/Colombia, where I worked as a volcanologist. I moved to USA and finished my graduate studies at Northwestern University, working with Professor William Dichtel. Then, I completed a postdoctoral training at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in the group of Professor Jeffrey Moore. Currently, I am a Science Fellow at Northeastern University, working in polymer sustainability. Besides working, I enjoy socializing with friends, watching soccer, and traveling.

Tina Dinh, PhD Student

I am a PhD student here in the DMAS lab and am interested in finding sustainable ways to make materials. I graduated from Drexel University in 2023 where I obtained both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemistry. During my undergrad, I worked in a computational lab studying nanomaterials. I hope to be able to apply some of my computational knowledge during my PhD. Outside of research, I enjoy watching TV, listening to music, supporting Philly sports teams, and hanging out with friends.  

Andrew Vogler, PhD Student

I am very excited to make contributions towards sustainable chemistry through the utilization of both green polymerization mechanisms and bioavailable monomers.  In 2023, I graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry from Nazareth College where I discovered a love for research which happened to be environmentally oriented.  Formerly, I studied a bacterial spore and its application in wastewater treatment.  Here, I was introduced to how concepts I learned in the classroom could be translated into practical, real-world solutions. Outside of the lab, I enjoy traveling, fishing, playing with my cat (Finn), exercising, supporting the Buffalo Bills, and of course thinking about chemistry.

Anika Parekh, Undergraduate Student

I am an Undergraduate Northeastern Student in the Chemistry Department, actively pursuing a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Art. I grew up in Southern California, where I did most of my schooling and learned that Chemistry is my calling. I started to get involved with Undergraduate Research in my second year, previously at the Lustig Group, where I focused on the organic synthesis of Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs) for high-performance material applications. I fell in love with polymer synthesis and joined the DMAS Lab under Professor Diego Alzate-Sanchez’s tutelage. In the DMAS lab, I worked in polymer sustainability, as we were finding alternative techniques to manufacture materials in a more sustainable fashion. I specifically worked with the mechanical activation of Covalent Adaptable Networks (CANs) using a Diels Alder as a moiety. I am a very enthusiastic and dedicated scientist passionate about polymer synthesis and making the world greener. 

Ghaida Aldhahri, Undergraduate Student

I’m an undergraduate majoring in biomedical engineering at Boston University, and I’m currently a KGSP student and a prospective student in KAUST bioengineering program. I’m an avid learner in many fields of studies including material science.  I joined the DMAS lab in my sophomore’s year summer and worked with professor Diego Alzate-Sanchez to synthesize polymers using frontal polymerization technique to purify water from certain pollutants. I enjoy working in DMAS lab as I can utilize chemistry to achieve sustainable solutions in material science. 

Hannah Carlisle, Undergraduate Student

I’m an undergraduate at Northeastern majoring in Chemistry, along with minors in Art and English. I grew up in Massachusetts, where I developed a love for chemistry in high school. At Northeastern, I have worked as an assistant lab manager for the Chemistry department’s teaching labs, and most recently completed a Co-op at the Traverso Lab in Cambridge. I joined the DMAS Lab in the summer of 2023, where I have been synthesizing end-functionalized polystyrene molecules that will be attached with a molecular “linchpin” to create a novel, recyclable polymer. I’m passionate about using chemistry to address the world’s pressing environmental issues, and excited to play a part in the development of more sustainable materials. In my free time, I play the bass trombone and enjoy bouldering and running.